Master Relationship Mechanic Show (LIVE) – Hosted by Cortne Lee Smith on Tuesdays @ 8pm – 9pm (est)

As a Student of Numbers, Instructor of Law, and a woman that Lives in Love.

Her life journey has combined all three she comes to always provide a formula that will allow you to add and/or multiple be more to bring out the best in others.

Currently, as a Relationship Coach & Grief Strategists, she is seen as a warrior for widows/widowers standing on the battlefield with those that have lost a spouse.

At the Relationship Service Station, whether the encounters are Virtual or Live she is able to help service your relationship to ensure you have your best relationship journey. As a facilitator of Prepare-Enrich & Certified Relationship Coach for Singles/Couples program, she is utilizing the most updated and top of the line equipment to provide maintenance for your Relationship Vehicle.

As a Master Instructor for over 20 years; she had gained the title of “The Love Lady” because there were times she came with tough love to help bring about compliance. Then other times it was all about just keeping the communication lines open to build the best working relationships.   to help bring about compliance.  She used her love to captivate her audience but most importantly to compel them to follow the rules & regulations of the law.  She has spoken at over 400 conferences within the criminal justice community,  (i.e. GA  Sheriff’s Association, NOBLE, FBI, NCIC) and instructed audience from 1-1800 which makes her no stranger to the microphone.

Now she administers tough love to her clients to show them how to put in the necessary maintenance that is required to make marriage perform at its best during the life journey. Along with her own personal journey, she had to acquire some tools to navigate her season as a widow.  As part of this journey, she has picked up some equipment to empower widows/widowers to find Peace with the Pain; which is an integral part of her ride to becoming a grief specialist.

She currently uses her voice on the airwaves, as the host of her show The Master Relationship Mechanic Show to provide tools to have the best relationship with God, Self, and others. Plus, she uses her written voice as a contributor to various magazines to empower godly relationships and Christian marriages.


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