The Kingdom Business Show (LIVE) Hosted by: Jarrod Dunn on Tuesdays @ 6pm – 7pm

Jarrod Dunn is a passionate and fascinating speaker with remarkable leadership talents and an unyielding desire to aid others in recognizing and finding their purpose in life. Jarrod is the Chief Executive Officer of JD Innovative Resources which provides mentor-ship, education and employment services and resources.

Jarrod’s steadfast commitment to servicing the community allows him to function as a Restoration Coach, Professor,Innovator and a Kingdom stratagist. His motivation and relentless vision to make a tremendous impact in the lives of others encourages him to continue achieving and accomplishing greater.

Jarrod’s undertakings also include authoring a collection of written work entitled: Adam Where Are You, Purpose The reason for Your Existence, and Let Your Past Be Your Platform, all available on amazon.

He is also the founder of write with purpose. A workshop that enable others to become authors.


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