THE U-SPOT (Sponsorship)

Underwriting and Sponsorship: add value to our genre of Gospel music and Christian content while you increase your reach by bringing awareness to your business, products, services or venue on the 108PRAISERADIO.COM “Underwriting Spot”. Let us be your resource for networking power and enterprise, while you support independent radio programming and community initiatives.

Underwriting is an affordable form of sponsorship, built for both small and large businesses so they can give what they can afford and be of service to our listeners. Contributing underwriters can include, individuals, small business, and corporations, non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Our focus is on partnering with you to invest in people. Together we are able to promote the kingdom of God and introduce the world to Jesus Christ through our collaboration.

Sponsors receive a number of underwriting spots during the sponsored program. These spots usually mention factual information such as, the name of the sponsor/business, address, phone number, website, years in business, hours of operation, products and services provided.
Underwriting is an acknowledgement to the listening audience of the underwriter’s commitment to the 108PRASIERADIO initiative. Underwriting is unique to noncommercial stations. As an underwriter, rather than an advertiser, you are associated with a particular program or format as a supporter or sponsor. All underwriters are given a banner and website link on 108PRAISERADIO underwriter’s page.

Definition: An underwriting spot is an announcement made on public broadcasting outlets, especially in the United States, in exchange for funding. Underwriting spots offer the perfect way to transmit your company’s message to our audience. Every underwriting announcement on 108PRAISERADIO.COM reaches a global audience across various listening platforms, via PC, tablet and mobile devices.

108PRAISERADIO.COM is a listener supported online Christian radio ministry that allows sponsorship and advertisements in the form of an “underwriting spot”

108PRAISERADIO.COM offers a selection of long- and short-term underwriting packages which may focus on a specific day, time or program.

108PRAISERADIO.COM does not permit the use of pre-produced announcements or music beds. All spots are read live. Voicing will be done by 108PRAISERADIO.COM announcers. The use of the words “you” and “we” are not permitted. Final approval of copy lies with 108PRAISERADIO.COM.

These regulations serve to protect the Non-Commercial content that public radio listener’s value. In this way, the special integrity of the relationship between the station and its listeners extends to the underwriter as well.

Underwriting Rates
• All rates are negotiable. There are two types of underwriting that we offer, in kind (exchange of goods and services) and in cash (exchange of cash for service).
• We also offer special rates for special events with barter or loan agreements and we can customize any underwriting spot to best fit your needs.
• Underwriting contracts at 108PRAISERADIO.COM can be made per show, monthly, quarterly (roughly three months), or yearly intervals.
• Arrangements can usually be made for different underwriting terms; please send an email to to inquire about such arrangements.
• 108PRAISERADIO thanks you for your time and hopes that you will support us in the future, not only with your underwriting contributions, but with your valued listenership and stewardship.

Underwriting & Sponsorship
Guidelines: Announcements are a maximum of 60 seconds in length.
Standard Opening Line: “WWJD Company joins you in supporting 108PRAISERADIO.COM”
Closing Line: “More information is available at {phone number} or online at {web address}” or “The phone number for more information is…”

Underwriting announcements may contain:
 Sponsor’s name (honorable mention not to exceed 3)
 Location of business
 Phone number and/or Internet address
 Value – neutral description of business, products, services or venue
 Spots are a maximum of 60 seconds long, and are embedded into the programming.
 Your announcement/acknowledgement is a “stand alone” message that will not be read in succession with any other sponsor, so that the focus on your message is maximized.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates that announcements may not include:
 No Comparative, Qualitative or Promotional language
 No “Calls to Action” which means no Provocation to Buy, Sell, or Lease
 No Pricing Information
 No mention of special sales or discount offers, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways or coupons
 No background music

Right of Refusal or Cancellation
108PRAISERADIO.COM reserves the right to deny or discontinue any Underwriting Spot acknowledgements from participants whose reputation has come under public scrutiny or received negative press that could harm the credibility or reputation of the108PRAISERADIO initiative, through its association with said participant.

If you are interested in underwriting on 108PRAISERADIO.COM, email
“The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.” –Prov. 11:25